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Anti-Abe Cabinet protesters at Asakusabashi Station: anti-changing the Constitution and opposed to the Prime Minister's handling of the Moritomo Gakuen scandal.

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Japan News 11 March 2018

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Police suspect record 65,000 minors abused in Japan in 2017

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Here are some interesting factoids about “chikan” (molesters, usually on trains), whose behavior is now illegal in Japan.

Place of crime

Train: 52.7%
Train Station: 19.4%
In restaurant/bar: 11.5%
Street: 8.8%
Bus: 0.5%

Age Of Molester

40 or older: 51.3%
30-39: 32.8%
29 or younger: 15.9%

Marital Status

Unmarried: 55.2%
Married: 28.1%
Widower: 16.8%

Employment Status

Employed: 70.4%
Unemployed: 28%

Educational Level

Junior High School Graduate: 25.1%
High School Graduate: 41.7%
Enrolled in College (may or may not have graduated): 33.2%

Source: Asahi Shinbun, March 8, page 17

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