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Japan News 4 March 2018 今週の日本

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Japan News This Week 4 March 2018.

Japan News 4 March 2018

A Maverick of Japanese Photography, Bound Tight to Ritual

New York Times

Japan’s worries about North Korea’s ‘charm offensive’


Saying ‘Me Too’ in Japan has risk of being bashed, ignored

The Mainichi

Japan: American tourist arrested after female body parts found across Osaka


Japan’s ‘Izumo’ was designed as aircraft carrier from start: Asahi

Asia Times

“The Comfort Women were Prostitutes”: Repercussions of remarks by the Japanese Consul General in Atlanta
Japan Focus

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Top 10 consumers of cigarettes, 2014:

1. China
2. Russia
3. USA
4. Indonesia
5. Japan
6. Germany
7. India
8. Turkey
9. South Korea
10. Vietnam

Source: Tobacco Atlas

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