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Japan News 29 April 2018 This Week 今週の日本

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Japan News This Week.

Japan Worries It’ll Be Forgotten as Its Allies Talk to North Korea

New York Times

Japan objects to Korean summit dessert


War of words over ex-Finance Ministry bureaucrat’s sexual harassment accusations heats up

The Mainichi

Kyotographie in Japan – photo essay


Japan-China relations strained over rare earths find

Asia Times

The Comfort Women Controversy – Lessons from Taiwan

Japan Focus

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2014 global CO2 emissions of various countries from fossil fuel combustion and some Industrial processes are noted below. Japan is the seventh largest emitter in the world, in spite of extensive use of nuclear power and LED light bulbs.

Other: 30%

China: 30%

USA: 15%

EU-28: 9%

India: 7%

Russian Federation: 5%

Japan: 4%

Source: US Environmental Protection Agency

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