Japan News This Week 8 April 2018

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Japan News This Week 8 April 2018 今週の日本

Japan News This Week.

Van Gogh Never Visited Japan, but He Saw It Everywhere

New York Times

Japan PM Abe denies involvement in school scandal cover-up


Women told to leave sumo ring while trying to help collapsed mayor

The Mainichi

‘They stole my life away’: women forcibly sterilised by Japan speak out


Satellite images counter Japan’s claim that N Korea preparing for nuke test

Asia Times

U.S. Marine Corps’ Lax Weapon Safety on Okinawa

Japan Focus

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According to the New York Times, the USA is not performing well in protecting the lives of its young people. Japan, on the other hand, does very well.

Annual deaths per one million children, 0 to 19 years old:

USA: 6.5 k
Canada: 5.2
Britain: 4.6
Australia: 4.3
Average: 3.8k
France: 3.8
Italy: 3.3
Spain: 3.3
Sweden: 2.7
Japan: 2.5

Source: New York Times

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