Musica B&B Ajimu Kyushu

Musica B&B, Oita Prefecture

Musica B&B

In late winter I planned a walk across Oita Prefecture. I had found a very cheap business hotel in Nakatsu, and the cheapest room in Yufuin, and was searching for somewhere in-between around the Ajimu area. On googlemaps I found a ryokan and a Hotel AZ, a cheap chain of business hotels, but my eye was drawn to something called Musica B&B.


Musica B&B, Oita Prefecture

Musica B&B, Oita Prefecture


I checked the reviews and it seemed to be an eatery, though with great reviews for offering hearty, tasty food at very low prices. Checking their website I discovered that they do in fact offer accommodation at the unbelievable price of 3,000 yen including dinner and breakfast!!!

I phoned to double-check that I understood correctly, and sure enough that was the price so I booked immediately.

Housed in a former agricultural warehouse, when I arrived the hosts, an elderly couple, the Yamada’s, had just arrived. Apparently in winter they only open for bookings. The interior was cavernous but with a funky décor. The husband, Takeshi, got busy firing up one of the two pot-bellied wood-stoves that heat the place. There is no bathroom, and people who stay usually go up to an onsen about 1k away, but as I had said I was walking they offered to take me to their home and make a bath for me. I declined and chose to walk up to the onsen as I wanted to check out a shrine on the way.

Musica B&B, Oita Prefecture

Bedroom, Musica B&B, Oita Prefecture


Dinner was huge, just the three of us, and even came with a free beer! Mr & Mrs Yamada were very hospitable and friendly and we chattered away. I was offered another free beer but declined. Apparently Musica B&B is what is known in Japanese as a “Rider House”, that is to stay a place for motorcyclists to stay, and that appears to be their primary clientele. But cyclists and car tourists also stay.


The rooms are large with futons on the floor. It was still cold so a heated carpet underneath made it quite cosy. The walls were covered with photos of visitors with their motorbikes. A table was covered with fliers for other Rider Houses around the country. There was good WiFi as well as a PC that could be used.

Next morning I was served a huge breakfast with a piece of salmon four times the size of those served at hotel breakfasts.

Musica B&B may not suit everybody, but is a great example of the kind of deals that can be found with a little research off the beaten track. Highly recommended.

Musica B&B, Oita Prefecture

Dinner, Musica B&B, Oita Prefecture

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Musica B&B
2018-5 Ajimumachi Shimoge
Usa-shi, Oita 872-0521
Tel: 0978 44-1009