Japan News 13 May 2018 This Week

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Japan News 13 May 2018 This Week 今週の日本

Read highlights of the Japan News 13 May 2018 for this week.

Japan News This Week.

Japan, China Hail Warming Ties Amid Troubled History

New York Times

Japan bullfighting: Women allowed into ‘pure’ ring after ban lifted


Massive Takeda Pharma buyout of Shire a high-risk move with uncertain rewards

The Mainichi

Transparent and fair: what England can learn from Japan’s social care reform


Japan-China relations strained over rare earths find

Asia Times

Medical Assistance for Korean Atomic Bomb Survivors in Japan: (Belated) Japanese Grassroots Collaboration to Secure the Rights of Former Colonial Victims

Japan Focus

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The rate of unemployment is Japan is 2.5%.

Source: Japan Times

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