Uminoie Minshuku Hamayu

Uminoie Minshuku Hamayu Suo Oshima

Uminoie Minshuku Hamayu 海の家民宿はまゆう

Suo Oshima Island is a large island in the western part of the Seto Inland Sea that stretches from close to the coast of southern Yamaguchi across towards Shikoku.

Uminoie Minshuku Hamayu Suo Oshima

Room at Uminoie Minshuku Hamayu Suo Oshima, Yamaguchi Prefecture

Suo Oshima Beaches

Suo Oshima is home to many fine beaches and consequently many beach resorts. On a recent walk exploring the island I needed to find somewhere to stay around the middle of the island.

There were lots of resort style hotels as well as cabins to rent, but they were all above the price range I wanted. Minshuku Hamayu fit the bill perfectly. It is located on the southern coast of the island on Katazoegahama Beach.

Uminoie Minshuku Hamayu Suo Oshima

Dinner at Uminoie Minshuku Hamayu Suo Oshima


The first floor has a dining room, rental showers, and various beach and sea items for rent. The second floor is a large patio overlooking the beach with a line of seven rooms to the rear. The rooms are Japanese style with tatami mats and have TV and AC.

There is no phone or internet. The toilets are shared. For a bath you are given a ticket to the onsen just 100 meters behind the minshuku.

It’s very pleasant with a small outdoor bath as well. What makes Hamayu a little different is the food. Dinner is served outside your room.

The hosts bring you a barbecue grill with the charcoal blazing and several plates of meat, seafood, and vegetables for you to grill yourself.

There is also rice and tea etc. It was a filling meal. At other times of the year they serve nabe (hotpot). Breakfast was also substantial and served in the dining room downstairs. I was there the weekend after Golden Week and I was the only guest. The price was a very reasonable 8,000 yen.

Uminoie Minshuku Hamayu Suo Oshima

Sunset from the minshuku, Suo Oshima Island

Access – Getting There

Uminoie Minshuku Hamayu
Hirano, Suooshima, Oshima-gun
Yamaguchi 742-2512
Tel: 0820 78 1111

Hotel & Resort Sunshine Sazanseto, a resort hotel, can be booked online.

Places of interest on Suo Oshima Island include the Mutsu Memorial Hall. This museum is dedicated to the Battleship Mutsu which exploded in 1943 off the island in unexplained circumstances. Altogether 1,121 people lost their lives in the disaster.

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