Japan News 3 June 2018 This Week

Japan News 6 May 2018

Japan News 3 June 2018 This Week 今週の日本

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Japan News This Week.

The Football Hit Felt All Over Japan

New York Times

Japanese whale hunters kill 122 pregnant minke


Over 70% of nat’l universities opposed to gov’t tuition waiver conditions: Mainichi survey

The Mainichi

Japanese monk sues temple saying workload gave him depression


Japan-China relations strained over rare earths find

Asia Times

What Was and Is “1968”? Japanese Experience in Global Perspective

Japan Focus

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Japan Statistics

The Japanese government wants to increase the percentage of cashless payments to 40%.

Currently it is 18.4%.

That compares to 89.1% in South Korea, 60% in China, 54.9% in Britain, and 45% in the US.

Source: Japan News, May 31, page 1

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