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Book Review: Manabeshima

Manabeshima Island Book Review

Manabeshima Island Japan: One Island, Two Months, One Minicar, Sixty Crabs, Eighty Bites and Fifty Shots of Shochu by Florent Chavouet Tuttle Publishing ISBN: 4-8053-1343-9 144 pp At first blush it
Japan Book Review

Across Tokyo Review

Across Tokyo by Patrick Foss with Sean Kramer Kindle Edition ISBN: B077W2F5NH 270 pp A few years ago, longtime Japan resident Patrick Foss decided to grab his buddy Sean Kramer
Japan Book Review

The Only Woman in the Room

The Only Woman in the Room: A Memoir of Japan, Human Rights, and the Arts by Beate Sirota Gordon University of Chicago Press, 2014 ISBN 978-0-226-13251-8 177 pp; Paperback Most

Kabuki: A Mirror of Japan

Kabuki: A Mirror of Japan by Matsui Kesako Translated by David Crandall JPIC, 2016 ISBN: 4-9160-5558-6 Hardback, 242 pp Kabuki: A Mirror of Japan is a story Matsui Kesako originally

Japanese Inns & Hot Springs Book Review

Japanese Inns & Hot Springs Book Review by Rob Goss & Akihiko Seki (Photographer) Tuttle ISBN: 4-8053-1392-7 240 pp There are thousands of ryokans and onsens in Japan, filled with
Japan Book Review.

Japan Country Living

Japan Book Review: Japan Country Living Japan Country Living Amy Sylvester Katoh & Shin Kimura Tuttle Publishing 192 pp ISBN-10: 0804818584 ISBN-13: 978-0804818582 When one looks at what is considered