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Que Bom! Brazilian restaurant, Asakusa, Tokyo.

Que Bom! Brazilian Churrascaria Restaurant in Asakusa

Churrascaria Que Bom! シュハスカリア キ・ボン! Que Bom is a Brazilian churrascaria restaurant in the Asakusa district of Tokyo. (Que Bom literally means “How Good!” in Portuguese. However, it is probably
Anime and manga culture.

Japanese Anime in Sao Paulo

Japanese Anime in Sao Paulo サンパウロ アニメ Rua Galvão Bueno, Liberdade, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brazil has the world’s biggest ethnic Japanese population outside of Japan. Most of the immigration to Brazil
Brazil Festival 2016 in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo.

Brazil Festival in Tokyo 2016

Brazil Festival in Tokyo 2016 2016年ブラジル祭り The Brazil Festival is an annual summer event in Tokyo, at the always buzzing and crowded Yoyogi Event Plaza. The Plaza is across from
Japan Prefectures.

Oizumi – Brazil in Rural Japan

Oizumi – Brazil in Rural Japan 群馬県 大泉町 Oizumi is a small town north of Tokyo, in Gunma Prefecture, noted for its large Brazilian population. Of Oizumi’s approximately 40,000 residents
Vietnamese restaurant in Osu Kannon.

Osu Kannon Restaurants

Osu Kannon Restaurants 大須漢音 The shopping arcades of the Osu Kannon area in downtown Nagoya, centered around Osu Kannon Temple are the city’s equivalent of Tokyo’s Akihabara and Osaka’s DenDen Town

Professional Shooto in Japan

修斗 Shooto is a sport that combines the skills and techniques mainly of boxing, kick boxing and wrestling. A friend invited me to a game last Friday evening happening at
Japanese food.

Mundo Latino Gotanda Tokyo

ムンドラティーノ Mundo Latino is a small shop on the 3rd floor of a building in Gotanda, Tokyo, that since 2001 has been selling mainly food, but also CDs, DVDs, magazines
Japan festivals - matsuri.

Brazilian Festival at Yoyogi Park

ブラジル祭り2010 Japan has a very large Brazilian community, mainly second generation returnees of the Japanese immigrants who went to Brazil in the early 20th century after Japan had impoverished itself