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Mihara Koji Lane near Ginza 4-Chome intersection.

Mihara Koji Lane in Ginza

Mihara Koji 三原小路 Just east of the bustling Ginza 4-chome intersection is a somewhat forgotten-looking alley: Mihara Koji. It takes its name from the next intersection east, Miharabashi. The alley
Canon Service Center Ginza, Showroom and Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo.

Canon Service Center Showroom and Gallery in Ginza

Canon Service Center Ginza キャノン・サービス・センター 銀座 Canon is Japan’s biggest camera maker and has a wide support network. I visited the Canon Service Center Ginza in Tokyo’s Ginza district today. The

Mariage Freres in Japan

マリアージュ フレール The venerable French teahouse, Mariage Fréres has a presence in sixteen different locations in Japan. The store at the top of the list is the one in Japan’s

Pussy in Ginza

銀座の猫たち Ginza is Tokyo’s most high-class shopping district, and, like all shopping districts in Tokyo, is crowded on weekends. This is especially so in Ginza, however, because it is one

Sherry Club Ginza

シェリークラブ 銀座 I went to Sherry Club, a Spanish bar-cum-restaurant in Tokyo’s Ginza with a friend on a Friday night a couple of weeks ago. Sherry Club has true vintage in

San-ai Dream Center Building Ginza

San-ai Dream Center Building Ginza 三愛ドリームセンター The iconic, circular, glass tower of the San-ai Building in Tokyo’s Ginza is located above the intersection at Chuo dori. The second floor Doutor

Wako Building Ginza

The Wako Building in Ginza Tokyo is one of the up-market area’s most famous landmarks. The present rounded building was built in the 1930s and amazingly survived the World War
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Hatoyama Poppo Manju

鳩山ぽっぽ饅頭 © Tokyo’s downtown Okachimachi district is one stop on the JR Yamanote line from Ueno. Okachimachi is, like Ueno, a far cry from the classier scene a little
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Ginza International Hotel

銀座国際ホテル Located in Tokyo’s exclusinve Ginza area, the Ginza International Hotel, provides a touch of luxury at affordable prices. Just 3 minutes walk from Shimbashi Station on the JR Yamanote
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Hostess Bar

Hostess Bar ホステス・バー Of all of the “mysteries” of the East and Japan, perhaps none is so puzzling as the institution the hostess bar. In any city in Japan, hundreds