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Incense from Kyoto.

The Japanese Incense Industry

The Japanese Incense Industry Ko, or incense, came to Japan along with Buddhism in the middle of the 6th century.  It soon found its way into the secular life of

Kawashima textiles from the village of Ichihara

Kawashima textiles from the village of Ichihara 川島織物セルコン The textiles made by the famous firm of Kawashima are everywhere in Japan – in its trains, planes, homes and offices. From
zoen - Japanese landscape gardening.

Zoen Japanese Landscaping

Zoen Japanese Landscaping 造園 The basic techniques that are used for creating and maintaining traditional Japanese gardens were first developed during the Heian Period in Kyoto, which has an ideal
Kyoto City Bus.

Kyoto City Bus 4

Kyoto Transport: Kyoto City Bus 4 京都市バス#4 The Kyoto city bus #4 runs from Kyoto Station to Kamigamo Shrine in the north west of Kyoto city. The #4 bus travels