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Nagashima Spaland

Nagashima Spa Land

Nagashima Spa Land, Mie Prefecture ナガシマリゾート Nagashima Spa Land is part of Nagashima Resort near Kuwana, just west of Nagoya, in Mie Prefecture. Nagashima Resort consists of the amusement park
Koboyu Public Bath, Nagoya

Koboyu Sento Nagoya

Koboyu Sento Nagoya 弘法湯 Koboyu sento in Nagoya is one of the best family-run public baths in the city. It is large, clean and has some wonderful tile mosaics of lakes and

Primetree Akaike

Primetree Akaike プライムツリー赤池 Primetree Akaike is a new shopping mall close to Akaike Station, the last stop on the Tsurumai Line of the Nagoya subway in the eastern suburbs of
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Dojuzan Kasugai Hike

Dojuzan Kasugai Hike 道樹山 Kasugai, north of Nagoya, may not be known for its natural beauty, however, it does exist. The small mountains of Dojuzan (429m), Otaniyama (425m) and Mirokuyama
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Anjo City Tanabata Festival

Anjo City Tanabata Festival 安城七夕まつり The Anjo City Tanabata Festival took place from August 4-6 in Anjo, Aichi Prefecture. Joel Hadley Jr was in attendance for what was the 64th time the
Onsen hot spring bath.

Daiko Onsen Nagoya

Daiko Onsen Nagoya 大幸温泉 Daiko Onsen is a rare community sento in Nagoya, located in the working class neighborhood of Daiko, near Nagoya Dome, on the north side of Nagoya Dome-mae
Chayagasaka Park

Chayagasaka Park Nagoya

Chayagasaka Park Nagoya Aichi Prefecture 茶屋が坂公園 Chayagasaka Park in Chikusa-ku in Nagoya is a large, quiet, green space with ponds and woods between Chayagasaka and Jiyugaoka stations on the Meijo
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Nameless Theatre Presents Othello

Nameless Theatre Presents Othello オセロー Nameless Theatre presents Othello (English language with Japanese subtitles) Following the success of last season’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Nameless Theatre is preparing for an
Ankake spaghetti

Ankake Spaghetti

Ankake Spaghetti あんかけ Ankake is a type of thick, sticky Chinese sauce used in noodle dishes that has been adapted to produce Ankake spaghetti, a signature dish of the Nagoya