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Incense from Kyoto.

The Japanese Incense Industry

The Japanese Incense Industry Ko, or incense, came to Japan along with Buddhism in the middle of the 6th century.  It soon found its way into the secular life of
Rain Chains

Rain Chains

Rain Chains 鎖樋 The first time I saw rain chains (kusari doi) in Japan in temples in Kyoto, I presumed they were lightening conductors to prevent the wooden buildings from
Advertising flags

Japanese Advertising Flags

Japanese Advertising Flags 旗 A common sight on Japanese streets are the many flags (hata) fluttering outside shops and businesses advertising the services within. These approximately 1.5m tall flags are
Arimatsu Aichi Prefecture

Arimatsu Guide Aichi Prefecture

Arimatsu Guide, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 有松 Shibori | Arimatsu Matsuri | Preserved Merchant Houses | Arimatsu Festival Float Museum | Access Arimatsu, located in Midori-ku in south east Nagoya, was
Sony PlayStation3

Sony PlayStation3

Sony PlayStation3 ソニー・プレーステーション3 Yippee! Sony’s PlayStation3 is out! I was one of the first to rush down to Tokyo’s electronics mecca of Akihabara today – having seen news of it
Goods From Japan.

Japan Visitor 2006 Contest Fall 2006 Quiz Contest! Thanks to all who entered last year’s JapanVisitor contest. We had 289 entries from 27 countries. For the 2006 Contest, answer the questions below by
Can you use chopsticks?

Can you use chopsticks?

Can you use chopsticks? お箸は使えますか “Can you use chopsticks?” is one of the stock questions curious Japanese are supposed to ask foreigners. (A friend of mine even reported hearing a
Kyoto Flea Markets.

Kyoto Flea Markets

Kyoto Flea Markets 天神祭り Japan is well known for its temple and shrine flea markets, and Kyoto boasts two that draw crowds from around the country: one at Toji Temple,
Casio watches

Casio I-Range W-100DJ-7AJF

Casio I-Range W-100DJ-7AJF カシオ計算機 Casio’s legendary I-Range for sale only on The “I” stands for intelligence and information. This is product is available only in Japan. Manuals, etc., are

Nintendo DS & Game Boy Micro

Nintendo DS & Game Boy Micro 任天堂DS&ゲームボーイミクロ Kyoto-based Nintendo is about to launch its latest hand-held game machine. The new Nintendo Micro will, the company hopes, eat into the lead