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Okuizumo Cycling Terminal, Japan.

Okuizumo Cycling Terminal

Okuizumo Cycling Terminal 奥出雲町サイクリングターミナル At one point there were about 50 Cycling Terminals scattered across Japan offering budget accommodations geared towards, but not limited to, cyclists. Most were operated by
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Naniwa Ryokan

Naniwa Ryokan 浪花旅館 Naniwa Ryokan is in the small town of Yokota, deep in the Okuizumo region of Shimane, and a perfect location for exploring the surrounding areas attractions like
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Antique-ya Matsue

Antique-ya Matsue Sometimes things about Japan can be so interesting and yet difficult to understand. I may laugh because of the differences, but I always appreciate them. Shimane Prefecture lies
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Hotel Uneri Dogo Island

ホテル海音里 The Hotel Uneri on Dogo Island in the Oki Islands is the ideal place to stay if you are visiting Candle Rock on a sightseeing boat. The port from
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Matsue Castle Is Still There

The construction of Matsue Castle was completed in 1611. Built over a five-year period by Hoshio Yoshinaru, the castle continues to watch silently over the city of Matsue. Not dismantled
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Iwami Seaside Park

石見海浜公園 The Japan Sea Coast is usually considered the best place to swim in Japan. The Pacific Coast is much more populated and industrialized with Japan’s major cities dotting the seaside down
Izumo Dome.

Izumo Dome

Izumo Dome 出雲ドーム Though there are many large-scale domes scattered across Japan, the Izumo Dome is not one of the better known ones: those would be Fukuoka Dome or Tokyo
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Japan News This Week August 25 2013

今週の日本 Ex-Prime Minister Fukuda urges Japan, S. Korea to quell nationalism The Asahi Shimbun Tepco radioactive flow raises alarm over seafood safety The Japan Times Japan’s New Military Buildup Seen