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Escalators in the foyer of Hibiya Midtown, Tokyo.

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya 東京ミッドタウン日比谷 Tokyo Midtown Hibiya is a shopping center just across from Hibiya Park, which opened on March 29 2018. Hibiya Park is the big green feature on

Primetree Akaike

Primetree Akaike プライムツリー赤池 Primetree Akaike is a new shopping mall close to Akaike Station, the last stop on the Tsurumai Line of the Nagoya subway in the eastern suburbs of
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IMS Building Fukuoka

IMS Building Fukuoka イムズ The IMS (Inter Media Station) building in Fukuoka is a multi-story shopping mall across from Tenjin Station in the heart of the city. The IMS building is
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Japanese Crafts for the Kitchen

Japanese Crafts for the Kitchen Japanese crafts are often regarded as formal and for special occasions only. But this is not true. Just as many handicrafts are simple, inexpensive and
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Furukawa-cho Shotengai

Furukawa-cho Shotengai 吉川町商店街 The Furukawa-cho arcade (shotengai) is right at exit 1 of Higashiyama Station on the Tozai Line of the Kyoto subway. The arcade itself dates from 1963 but the
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Antique-ya Matsue

Antique-ya Matsue Sometimes things about Japan can be so interesting and yet difficult to understand. I may laugh because of the differences, but I always appreciate them. Shimane Prefecture lies
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Kyoto Antiques: Shopping & Window Shopping

京都のアンティーク There are two areas in Kyoto known for antiques: Teramachi (north of Nijo, south of Marutamachi) and Shinmonzen. Both areas are perfect for window shopping and, naturally, shopping. Teramachi,