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Otonashi Falls

Otonashi Falls Ohara Kyoto

Otonashi Falls, Ohara, Kyoto 音無の滝 Otonashi Falls (“Sound-less Falls”) in the Ohara district of north east Kyoto is a small waterfall with an ancient legend as back story. Many of
Senyuji Temple Shukubo in Ehime Prefecture

Senyuji Temple Shukubo

Senyuji Temple Shukubo 仙遊寺 Shukubo, lodgings within a Buddhist temple, are a wonderful way to not only get some decent-priced accommodation, but also to gain some insights and experiences not
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Sanjusangengo Temple Area

Sanjusangengo Temple Area 三十三間堂 Nestled long and low behind the earthen walls that separate it from the noise of the city, Sanjusangendo is a national treasure temple of unique architectural

Jorenge-in Temple Ohara

Jorenge-in Temple Ohara 浄蓮華院 Jorenge-in Temple, virtually next door to Raigo-in Temple, in the pretty hill village of Ohara, north east of Kyoto, is like Sanzen-in, and the other temples in Ohara,
Raigo-in Temple, Ohara, Kyoto

Raigo-in Temple Ohara

Raigo-in Temple Ohara 来迎院 History | Otonashi-no-taki | Access Raigo-in Temple is one of several Tendai-sect temples in the pretty, farming village of Ohara in the hills north east of
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Gokokuji Temple Naha

Gokokuji Temple Naha Okinawa 護国寺 Gokokuji Temple is a Buddhist temple in Naha, Okinawa, adjacent to Namanoue Shrine, with which it has close connections. The temple was founded in 1387
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Kyooji Temple Yanaka

Kyooji Temple Yanaka 経王寺 Kyooji Temple is a small Nichiren temple off the Yanaka Ginza shopping lane in the Yanaka (Yanesen) district of Tokyo. History The temple dates from the
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Chogakuji Temple & Takeda Shingen

Chogakuji Temple & Takeda Shingen 長岳寺&武田信玄 Chogakuji Temple in the mountains of Nagano Prefecture is associated with the death of the legendary warlord Takeda Shingen (1521-1573). Takeda Shingen’s death is
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Hosenji Temple Seto

Hosenji Temple Seto 宝泉寺 Hosenji Temple is located in the east of Seto City in the quiet Kamagaki district of the city close to Kamagaki-no-komichi, the Kamagaki-no-komichi Museum and the
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Sanja Matsuri 2016 Asakusa Tokyo

Sanja Matsuri 2016 Asakusa Tokyo 三社祭2016年 Today was the second day of the massive, annual, 3-day Sanja Matsuri festival in Asakusa, Tokyo. Shrine bearers giving it their all at the