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Yasaka Shrine

Kyocera Headquarters Illumination & Concert.

Kyocera Headquarters Illumination & Concert 2015

Kyocera Headquarters Illumination & Concert 2015 京セラ本社イルミネーション 2015 Kyocera Corporation will hold its annual illumination event at its headquarters building in Kyoto City from November 30 (Monday) through December 25
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Ninenzaka & Sannenzaka – Kyoto

京都二年坂と三年坂 One of Kyoto‘s most beautiful walks is in the hills of the eastern part of the city, or Higashiyama (east mountain). Among the many attractions that can be seen
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Maiko at Kyoto’s Yasaka Shrine

八坂神社で豆まきする舞子さん On a cold overcast Sunday in early February, crowds flocked to Kyoto‘s Yasaka Shrine to witness the annual “mame maki” (bean throwing) ceremony to welcome spring. At one pm,