Nagoya travel information.

Aichi Expo 2005 Night Visit

One way to avoid some of the estimated 80,000 to 100,000 people who visit the Aichi Expo every day is to go at night. Special evening admission (after 5pm) tickets
Japan Book Review.

Looking For The Lost Review

Looking For The Lost: Journeys Through A Vanishing JapanAlan Booth387ppKodansha International ISBN 1-56836-148-3 Alan Booth was a Brit whose forte was walking around Japan. His first book on the subject,
Foma cell phone.


Just upgraded from the NTT Docomo N503i to the FOMA SH700i mobile phone (keitai 携帯)complete with bar code reader (essential nowadays), imotion and silly whizzing noise as you close the
Japan Prefectures.

White Gold – The Politics of Rice

The neat, evenly spaced rows of newly planted rice remind me of my students at morning assembly. A uniform green echoes the school’s navy blue. As late as 2 weeks
Japan Prefectures.

Weather in Japan June

Nagoya, June 2005It’s the rainy season now in Japan – tsuyu or less commonly baiyu-which usually lasts June through early July. The Japanese government decrees official start and finish days
Goods From Japan.

Ichiro Happi Coats

Another fantastic item at our partner site are Ichiro Happi Coats, created by Tatsuboshi of Kyoto. Available online exclusively at A perfect gift. These jackets are great for a