Summer in Tokyo

Summer in Tokyo 東京の夏 In this very cycleable city, Tokyo, I cycle to work whenever the weather allows it. Now summer is here and – the rainy season being over
Indian restaurants are a good source of vegetarian food in Japan

Taz Mahal Indian Restaurant Tokyo

Taz Mahal Indian Restaurant Tokyo Now closed permanently Taz Mahal 新宿西口のインド料理屋タージマハール Mirutosu Building Nishi-Shinjuku 1-4-19 Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 160-0023. Tel. (03) 3343-1718 Seats 40. Conveniently located less than 5 minutes walk
Sumo Wrestling

Asashoryu Wins Nagoya Basho

Asashoryu Wins Nagoya Basho Mongolian yokuzuna Asashoryu won his 13th Emperor’s Cup with a 13-2 record at the Nagoya basho. This was his fifth straight tournament victory gained in some
Japanese tea macha

Japanese Tea

Japanese green tea contains many nutrients beneficial to your well-being. Medical studies have found that drinking green tea can considerably reduce your risk of hardening of the arteries. It is

Robots in Japan

RobotsJapan has the highest density of robots in the world.There are approximately 80,000 industrial-use robots in operation around the world, and fully half of them in Japan. That’s about 1
Kyoto Raku Bus

Kyoto Visitors

Kyoto Visitors A record 45.54 million tourists visited Kyoto., Japan’s ancient historical and cultural capital in 2004. This was a rise of 4.1% or 1.8 million visitors on the 2003
Rain in Japan

Soaking in the rain in Kyoto

The Shinkansen from Nagoya landed in Kyoto after a high speed flurry at 7:30pm, just three-quarters of an hour after I had caught it. The super-fast bullet trains depart every