Japan Prefectures.

Murasaki Beers

Murasaki Pub 村さ来居酒屋 Murasaki Pub (Murasaki Izakaya, in Japanese) is a chain of Japanese-style pubs. The Murasaki pub chain began in Japan back in the 1970s as a pub venture by a
Electronic Dictionary


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Shinjuku skyscrapers Tokyo

新宿の摩天楼 View of West Shinjuku skyscrapers, Tokyo. See a slideshow of West Shinjuku’s skyscrapers Images of Tokyo
Japan Prefectures.


Greenpeace reports that Japan is about to reopen commercial whaling. Greenpeace is promoting a whale conservation petition and will hand deliver signatures to the International Whaling Commission (IWC) when they
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Maneki neko

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Nagoya travel information.

Expo 2005 – Robots

The Morizo & Kiccoro Exhibition Center at Aichi Expo, Nagoya will feature an event titled “A 2020 City: Living with Robots”. The exhibition showcases 65 prototype robots developed at universities