Fall Scenes from the Middle of Tokyo

Fall Scenes from the Middle of Tokyo 東京の中心の秋風景 Fall scenery in Japan is something most people would associate with forests and mountains or, at best, rural towns. However, the megapolis
Nagoya travel information.

Dojuzan Kasugai Hike

道樹山 Kasugai, north of Nagoya, may not be known for its natural beauty, however, it does exist. The small mountains of Dojuzan (429m), Otaniyama (425m) and Mirokuyama (437m), south west
Japan Prefectures.

Nara and its Gardens

奈良 The vast park area, the core remains of Nara’s classic period (752-777), is the first thing that strikes visitors to Nara. Apart from this natural woodland, where deer roam